Clifton Country Park

The park is a hidden treasure with plenty to offer, including vast green spaces leading to the lake with picnic benches scattered along the path. There are various paths to explore, ranging from wide gravel paths suitable for prams to woodland trails, each offering a different experience. The lake boasts numerous routes of varying lengths, adorned with wooden sculptures from the Irwell sculpture trail, including The Gruffalo, providing an exciting adventure for children. The playground is not your typical slide and swing setup but an adventurous park, complemented by free parking, a charming cafe, and a picturesque lake. Throughout the park, you can find various signs providing historical information about the area.

The park can be accessed by driving through narrow roads leading to a spacious car park with an additional park area under the underpass. The cafe (with toilets inside) and visitor centre in the car park are convenient for visitors.

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