Our Top Parks in Manchester

Clifton Country Park

Mayfield Park

Whitworth Park

Chorlton Water Park

Haigh Woodland Park

Walkden gardens

Walton Gardens

Bruntwood Park

The Garden House

Buile Hill Park

Moss Bank Park

Worthington Park

Moses Gate 

Longford Park

Heaton Park

Wythenshawe Park

Stamford Park

Lightoaks Park

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Why do kids benefit from Outdoor Play?

Encouraging children to spend more time outdoors not only benefits their physical health but also contributes to their emotional and intellectual growth. By engaging in activities like visiting a nature-inspired park or going on a hike in the woods, children can develop a stronger connection to the environment and improve their overall well-being. Outdoor play allows children to disconnect from their electronic devices and immerse themselves in the natural world, which can help them build resilience and enhance their cognitive abilities. Through the use of all their senses and the stimulation of additional brain development, children can experience a more holistic form of learning and personal growth. In addition to the physical benefits of outdoor play, such as improved motor skills and better general health, children can also reap the social rewards of interacting with their peers in an outdoor setting. Building better peer-to-peer relationships, gaining self-awareness, and fostering an appreciation for nature are just a few of the social benefits that outdoor play can offer to children.


For a more detailed look at the benefits kids get from being outside, check out our blog post The Vital Role of Outdoor Exploration in Childhood Development

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