Frequently asked questions


What do your fees include?

When paying for child care, you are not just paying for your child(ren) to be looked after, you are paying for your child to receive the highest level of care. Your fees will include any materials that may be required to carry out particular activities or learning. Your nanny's fuel costs to and from work are covered within your fees unless otherwise discussed beforehand. Any additional fuel and cost of outings will be added onto the monthly invoice.


What does the registration fee cover?

The fee allows us to commence the search for the perfect nanny for your family. It covers your nanny's contract and DBS check, as well as insurance renewal and training refreshers such as peadiatric first aid, behaviour management, understanding autism and many more CPD approved courses relevant to their position.


How do I pay for my childcare?

You will receive a monthly invoice detailing all child care your family has received. This will include any additional costs e.g. parking, outings. Each month the invoice will be sent to the email address provided on the Childcare Agreement. These fees must then be paid by bank transfer to Fortress Childcare within 7 days of receiving the invoice. Account details will be included on the invoice. 


What activities will my child do?

Children are offered a mixture of activities throughout the day. These will include creative play, activities to help with numeracy and literacy, construction and problem solving, story-time, dance and movement, rest and relaxation. There is also plenty of opportunity for independent play to allow children to use their imagination. 


How do you support children’s learning and development?

While in the care of Fortress Childcare, your child will learn through topic based play, educational outings, and activities relevant to their development and age. All topics will follow the specifications of EYFS to ensure all developmental needs are being met and progress made.


How do you keep parents informed of their child’s progress?

Each child will have their own Learning Journal. This will be filled in after each session, giving an overview of the day, areas covered, and the links to EYFS. This journal will be made available to parents at their request, or every 6 weeks in order for them to stay informed of their child’s progress, and what they have been learning about. 


How do you manage children’s behaviour?

When in your home with your children, we will follow any discipline routine you have in place. We will also ensure we make you aware of any issues each day. When out of the house with your children, we will ensure we carry through with discipline and that any unacceptable behaviour is addressed immediately. 


What if my child is unwell?

If your child is unwell, we will still offer our services providing your child is not contagious. Should you wish / need to cancel your session, you may still be charged. If your child becomes unwell while in the care of Fortress Childcare, you will be informed immediately. Where necessary, medication such as Calpol may be given [permission must be given by parents on consent forms]. If your child becomes too unwell for Fortress Childcare to care for, or you wish to take over care, you will still be charged for the remaining hours scheduled.


What if my child has a friend over?

Should your child wish to have a friend over while in the care of Fortress Childcare, normal hourly rates will apply for an additional child. You must check with the childcare provider beforehand that they have the capacity to care for another child.